Reefer container & Cold Store Cells – Cooling with latest technology.

Our rental fleet consists of the latest equipment from the German market leader in refrigerated and deep-freeze rooms. Our range of products and services includes cutting-edge technology, compliance with HACCP requirements, documentation of the refrigeration chain and professional consultation. Whether for short-term use as a large refrigerator for events or for longer-term use while renovating your refrigerated warehouse: your products can be stored under optimal conditions at whatever temperature you require!

Our refrigerated containers are rigorously tested before delivery and delivered with a current PTI check. They are operated with approved refrigerants only and serviced by professionals worldwide.

Refrigerated containers – for an unbroken refrigeration chain.

Robust, fully insulated stainless steel container for storing temperature-sensitive goods of all kinds, including foodstuffs. The optimum solution for all temperature-sensitive products to ensure a consistent temperature-controlled logistics chain. The installed unit automatically switches from cooling to heating (and vice versa) if this is necessary due to a change in the external temperatures. The interior of a refrigerated container has up to 70 cm less space for cargo than an insulated container due to the space taken by the integrated refrigeration unit, depending on the type of the unit. Equipment options: insulated multi-purpose door, interior lighting, ramp, refrigeration curtain. Ten-foot coolers are also available. They are fitted with crane lugs on top and, in some cases, with forklift pockets. However, they have no container corner fittings, so they are not lockable on a container chassis!

Refrigeration rooms – Exactly the right size. Fast. Inexpensive.

The modular design of the refrigeration rooms allows us to offer standard refrigeration and deep-freeze rooms in exactly the right size in an all-inclusive package at unbeatable value-for-money. The fully-equipped rooms can be set up at your premises in a very short time without lengthy installation work. It doesn't matter whether you would prefer to rent or buy. Our rental refrigeration rooms always include 24-hour service for failure, maintenance and repair, regardless whether the rental period is long or short.

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