Military container

A strong team. We are a reliable partner of national and international armed forces as well as companies in the security and defence sector. Factors such as suitability for use under extreme climate conditions, high protection requirements and fast worldwide availability are particularly important. CHS Container Group is a founding member of Industriegruppe Service im Einsatz (IGS E). The goal of this association of well-known German SMEs is to ensure after-sales service for their products in global theatres of operation.

ISO container for transporting pack animals

For the German Armed Forces, we developed a 20' container for transporting up to four adult riding and pack animals as well as the corresponding equipment. The pack animals can be transported safely to their destination with this container.

Water tanks, troughs and temperature and video monitoring systems are integrated in the stable area. The ISO container for animal transport also has a tack room with a pull-out staircase and its own autonomous heater. An integrated awning provides protection from the weather.

FlaRakSys Patriot transport container

Defence: This 20' standard container was equipped with an integrated transport and cargo securing system for storing and transporting up to four missile containers of the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system.

The system consists of floor rails that are securely attached to the floor of the container and absorb all of the energy through the frame of the container. This ensures frictional connection and positive-locking fit. A carriage runs on the rails, and it can be pulled out of the container and pushed back in for loading and unloading. The missile containers are mounted on the carriage using tension rods, which ensures that the cargo is properly secured.


Communication: This 10' transport and storage container was designed to safely carry and temporarily store up to six sets of the German Armed Forces' satellite communication system, protecting them against environmental influences. For this purpose, custom brackets were created that allow positive-locking stowage of the equipment.

Two 10' containers can be connected using Quick Ties to form the equivalent of a 20' container. The containers have a CSC approval and were successfully tested with respect to their centre of gravity.

Container system for the SeaOtter MkII AUV

Reconnaissance: The container system consists of two 20' upper deck containers and a 20' frame for the electrically extendable sliding carriage of the SeaOtter MkII Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV).

A Mission Information Centre is the control room for controlling and programming the vehicle. The second container is the transport and storage container for the AUV. Both containers are designed for deployment on a ship or on land. A high performance air conditioning system allows it to be used even in hot climates. The built-in 30-kVA generator in the Mission Information Centre ensures autonomous operation of the system at the deployment site and also during transport. When the system needs to be transported, the 20' frame is secured to the roof of one of the containers using Quick Ties. The CO2 fire extinguishing system in the transport and storage container makes it possible to immediately initiate fire-fighting measures. Various storage areas for accessories are available in the containers. This technically challenging container solution was developed in co-operation with ATLAS Elektronik GmbH.

Transport frames for the engineers of the Bundeswehr

Mobility: One of the tasks of the engineering corps of the German Armed Forces is to build roads and bridges. One of the tools they use to build temporary roads is called a Folding Road Laying System.

These transport and laying vehicles can lay a 50 m long folding road within approximately 10 minutes. The folding road makes it possible for vehicles to use a 4.20 m corridor through sandy or marshy terrain. Multiple folding roads can be interconnected, making longer and wider stretches of terrain passable. The new transport frames allow the folding roads to be brought to the location where they are needed quickly and safely. The transport frames can be used without any limitation of functionality at outdoor temperatures of -18 °C to +49 °C. The maximum gross weight is 14 tonnes (at an own weight of 2.2 tonnes). Troop mobility is maintained and is also more economical. For more information, please visit: > information on folding road laying system

Transport and storage containers for a small UAV

Defence technology: The transport and storage container was designed and manufactured for storing and transporting drones. The drone is mounted on an extendable carriage that is equipped with shock absorbers.

The aluminium container is equipped with EMP protection and the ability to equalise the pressure. It is suitable for transport by road, rail, sea and air. Due to its low tare mass of approximately 530 kg (with carriage, without drone) and a maximum gross weight of 720 kg (including drone), it is particularly suitable for air transport, if necessary also as an external load. The container can also easily be modified for transporting and storing other missiles, ammunition or weapon systems.