Function container

Living in a box: Another one of our areas of expertise is the development and manufacture of room systems that are either built from scratch or created from standard containers that are converted to provide the necessary functionality. Our container solutions are the building blocks of autonomous military or industrial camps. We support our customers with unique expertise and solution-oriented ideas, including solutions such as protected accommodation containers in accordance with NATO STANAG, containers for water treatment and supply and control centres for oil production facilities. The projects we have carried out in this area include impressive trade fair containers, extensive laboratory containers and a mobile radio station.

Protected accommodation container

Protected containers provide safety against small arms ammunition and rocket and mortar shrapnel in accordance with NATO STANAG 2280. Protection can be implemented using different materials (armour steel, ceramics, composites, etc.).

Structure and strength of the armour depends on the level of protection that needs to be achieved. Protection elements can either be permanently integrated in the container or modularly attached to the outer container walls. As roof protection, the use of a half-height container filled with bulk material has proven to be effective and provides protection against high-angle fire.

Trade fair containers – Sound of the Squares

The art and communication project "Sound of the Squares" was developed for Mannheim's city anniversary a few years ago. Two High-Cube containers that were positioned at an angle on top of each other formed the core of the project.

The lower container (exhibition room) was made from a side-door container. ES glass panes were integrated into the open side wall. This allowed sunlight to shine directly into the container, which increased the air conditioning requirements. The upper container (control room) was additionally fitted with a video screen by our customer. The structure and the loads that occurred within it – particularly in the exhibition room – required considerable engineering expertise.

Sanitary container

Our sanitary containers have a CSC approval and are therefore suitable for sea transport. These containers can be deployed as part of a mobile hospital system, for example, at any location in the world. In addition to the sanitary equipment, the container is also equipped with several fans, lighting and a sewage lifting unit. The supply connections are easily accessible from the outside.

This allows the sanitary containers to be fully operational within minutes. If needed, two separately air-conditioned areas can be set up, such as a shower and a toilet area.

'Power House' - electricity generators

We regularly build what we call 'Power Houses' to supply power for mobile systems or on ships. In the example shown here, two diesel engines that run independently of one another were installed, each of which drives a generator.

Due to the limited space available, conventional sound insulation was not installed. In order to still be able to fulfil our customer's sound insulation requirements, a sound-absorbing compound was applied to the container walls. The 'Power House' shown here can be opened on all four sides. This facilitates maintenance and repair of the generators. The integrated foundations are securely anchored and easily withstand the extreme loads during transport of this highly mobile system.