Storage container

Anything but standard Using our special containers, you can transport high-quality machinery, equipment, spare parts, tools, and mobile systems safely to any destination in the world. Our custom-designed and manufactured brackets, patented pull-out frame, ramps, and shelves allow containers to be easily loaded and unloaded.

Patented pull-out frame

Well-secured: It is often difficult to secure large technical systems or bulky goods for transport when using standard containers. CHS Spezialcontainer has developed a pull-out frame for this purpose that allows goods weighing up to 10 tonnes to be placed and secured while outside of the container.

The frame is then pushed back into the container and locked in place for transport. This saves time and makes loading and unloading easier.

Logistics system MULTIBOX

Room efficiency: The MULTIBOX system solution for spare parts is based on a 20' double-door container, which offers very high space efficiency due to its telescopic side walls (3-in-1 principle). The basic layout consists of an area for large parts and an area for small parts, in which corresponding spare parts, special tools and testing equipment can be stowed safely and intelligently.

A high-quality cabinet system is integrated in the container for storing small parts. The area for large parts includes precisely-sized compartments for items such as front and rear axles, motors and gearboxes, wheel sets and much more. The brackets are individually secured using C-rails in the container. A built-in overhead crane with a swivel range allows large parts to be loaded and unloaded. In addition to these configuration parameters, the MULTIBOX is equipped with heat-insulated side walls, a powerful air conditioner and modern LED lighting. All containers in the MULTIBOX series can be transported using a lift and roll-off system, thanks to their special floor design.

Air freight box made of aluminium

Transport or workshop: Aluminium containers are specifically designed for air freight traffic. They can be used to transport goods and can also be correspondingly equipped to serve as mobile workshops. Its dimensions are 4,000 x 2,300 x 1,500 mm and it has a permissible total weight of 6,000 kg.

Despite its lightweight aluminium design, three identical fully-loaded containers can be stacked on top of each other without any problems. The securing mechanisms for stacking are integrated in the structure of the frame.

Stowage concept for equipment

Entertainment package XXL: o meet the high functionality and mobility requirements of a contracting authority, we developed two unique 20' transport and storage containers to accommodate recreational equipment for 300 people.

The features include an entertainment package, equipment for gaming, entertainment and sports, and catering equipment. The transport and storage containers were developed over a period of several months in close co-operation with the client. Crucial to the design considerations for building the containers was the requirement to be able to quickly remove individual items, while ensuring positive-locking fit of the cargo restraints. In order to fulfil these requirements, it was necessary to design numerous brackets, doors, flaps, and two pull-out trolleys. Small items such as dishes, glasses, cutlery, etc. were safely stored in numerous aluminium boxes. To prevent damage to thermo-sensitive equipment (televisions, electronics and so on), all containers were equipped with heat insulation and corresponding heating and air conditioning. A dehumidifying system provides additional protection against mould growth.

Roll-off container for firefighting

Ready at a moment's notice: CHS designed a roll-off container for the Bremerhaven fire brigade for fighting fires on ships. When a fire breaks out on a ship, the roll-off container is driven to the scene of the fire by a swap body vehicle and can then be lifted onto the ship using a crane.

The fire-fighting equipment, such as chemical protective suits, foaming agents, respirators, communications equipment, and equipment for dealing with hazardous materials are stored in pallet cages that are organised according to the situations they will be used in. The pallet cages can be lifted out of the roll-off container using a crane. For this purpose, it is possible to open the tarp of the roll-off container in a few simple steps. The interior has its own lighting and a non-slip centre aisle. A light mast is installed for outdoor lighting, which is equipped with two floodlights (1500 W each at 230 V power supply) and can be extended hydraulically by hand. This light mast can be manually swivelled 360° while in use . This ensures the best possible illumination of the installation location. Power can either be supplied via an external power source (230 V) or using the installed 24-volt batteries. The roll-off container is equipped with its own battery charger.