Because our customers deserve the best

Good training ensures safety and more satisfaction at work.

There is a virtually no limit to the uses for containers. The small and large differences and characteristic features are correspondingly diverse. We at CHS will be glad to explain the wide range of applications for this space-saving wonder to you. We have set up a training building made of containers and equipped it with state-of-the-art features at our premises at the Bremen industrial port for this purpose. Upon request, our trainers will also gladly give training courses directly at our customers' premises.

Our training courses cover topics such as the various types of containers, types of certificates, CSC plates and practical applications. Our participants get hands-on experience with activities such as connecting a refrigerated container, opening a flat and removing the tarp from an open-top. One thing is certain: when the course is over, participants will know which end of a container is the front and which is the rear, and that the right door is always opened first.

CHS have now held over 200 events which have been attended by more than 2,200 visitors of all age groups from throughout Germany who came to find out more about the versatility of containers. The CHS seminar is also a permanent part of study programmes taught at various universities. However, the majority of the participants are trainees from various sectors in and around Bremen, often accompanied by 'old hands' who worked in the conventional shipping sector before the 'container revolution'.

Training has a future

Industrial training – learning by using a combination of theory and practice – is something that is vital for the future of our company. This type of training ensures that the knowledge learned is implemented in practice. There are many good reasons for providing training. Those who do so secure the future of their company. Training is an investment in the company, in tomorrow’s specialists and in the creative capacity and modern orientation of the company.


At CHS, we view training courses as part of customer care. For this reason, the events are free of charge and without obligation. If you are interested, Arndt Overbeck will be happy to provide advice and practical assistance.