Tailor-made for you!

CHS Spezialcontainer was founded in 2004 and is a subsidiary of the CHS Container Group. Our engineers have many years of experience and unique know-how, and this enables us to offer you highly functional and individual container solutions. We specialise in developing, designing and manufacturing special containers, including the integration of system components of any kind. Innovative solutions that meet the complex requirements of our customers are our daily business. We offer you full service from a single source: In addition to comprehensive consulting, development and production, we also carry out worldwide transportation and the installation of systems on-site. We naturally also provide transnational support for assembly, disassembly, repair and maintenance around the clock.

'It doesn't fit' is not part of our vocabulary!

Whether you want to transport your goods by sea, road, rail or air: CHS Spezialcontainer can develop an appropriate solution.

Our types

Storage container

Anything but standard: Using our special containers, you can transport high-quality machinery, equipment, spare parts, tools, and mobile systems safely to any destination in the world.

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System container

One team: You have the machine or technical system; we have the space for it! Just plug it in and you are all set. Our system containers come prepared down to the last detail for the inclusion of a wide variety of machinery and equipment, ranging from water treatment to fire-fighting.

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Workshop container

Keeping projects flowing. Mobility is more important today than it ever has been before. This is why an increasing number of our customers rely on our mobile workshops.

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Offshore and maritime solutions

Transport. Research. Monitor. Work. Offshore containers are specially designed for use at sea. They are deployed on artificial islands or platforms and are therefore subject to special regulations and legal requirements.

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Military container

A strong team. We are a reliable partner of national and international armed forces as well as companies in the security and defence sector. Factors such as suitability for use under extreme climate conditions, high protection requirements and fast worldwide availability are particularly important.

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System integration

Everything in the box. Our interdisciplinary project teams enable us to fully integrate your systems, components and equipment in our special containers.

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Function container

Living in a box: Another one of our areas of expertise is the development and manufacture of room systems that are either built from scratch or created from standard containers that are converted to provide the necessary functionality.

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