System integration

Everything in the box. Our interdisciplinary project teams enable us to fully integrate your systems, components and equipment in our special containers. In close co-operation with you, we can develop a solution that exactly meets your requirements and provide you with a turnkey system.

Transformer test facility

This 40' testing container with a folding impulse generator was developed to test substation transformers for short-circuit safety. High voltage is generated in the extended impulse generator, which is then selectively 'fired' into a transformer. The data obtained by this process allows the water content in the oil of the transformer to be determined.

The roof of the container, which we built from scratch specifically for this application, can be electrically lifted to a height of about 8.5 m, so that the 8-tonne impulse generator can be hydraulically extended. This container also has a CSC approval.

Mobile water treatment

The production of drinking water and treatment of sewage are crucial tasks of the present and future. We have developed a mobile solution for this as well: 20' containers were designed for very diverse requirements, such as desalination and disinfection of drinking water or sewage purification.

Among other things, a small sewage treatment plant and a desalination plant were integrated. Sludge treatment is also possible. The special brackets and corresponding foundations ensure that the cargo is optimally secured. If required, the system can also be certified in accordance with directives on foodstuffs.

Test stand for wind turbines

The reliability of offshore wind turbines is determined through extensive testing under full load conditions before installation at sea. For this type of testing system, we designed oversized special containers, which consist of three individual containers.

Before the testing equipment could be installed in close collaboration with our client, we first needed to install the air conditioning and basic electrical systems. Furthermore, the containers were fitted with a double floor, cable lines and foundations for the technical equipment. The containers were also equipped with removable side walls to make future maintenance easier. The integration of all electrical and electronic testing equipment was carried out in close co-operation with our customer in our factory.

Mobile filling station

A fully functional, autonomous filling station was integrated into this 20' High-Cube double-door container. The container has four fuel tanks with a total capacity of 12,000 litres and is equipped with an additional machine room. Two petrol pumps are installed, each with a capacity of up to 200 litres per minute, allowing two vehicles to be refuelled at the same time.

A generator is also installed, which allows autonomous operation. Alternatively, an external power supply can be connected. Environmental protection equipment, a fire extinguishing system and a lighting system for night operation are also integrated. The mobile solution was designed so that it can be transported either fully loaded or partially empty. The container has full CSC approval, enabling it to be deployed anywhere in the world as part of assistance interventions, on company premises or at large construction sites.