Flexible. Mobile. Individual.

What are your requirements? Additional work space or unusual living concepts, temporary or long-term? Everything is possible. Application areas for custom-made accommodation units from CHS include offices, changing rooms, sanitary facilities and temporary cold storage.

Accommodation container

Accommodation units are an economical solution for your space problems and can be customised to fit your requirements. Examples include single-person home offices, recreation rooms of all sizes and accommodations for up to hundreds of people. Whatever your requirement is, CHS has a solution that fits!

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Office container

Flexible – functional – and inexpensive! CHS can provide the appropriate room for your projects, including kindergartens, schools, offices and mobile workshops.

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Sanitary container

Sanitary solutions from CHS are as varied as their applications and meet the highest hygienic requirements. Examples include sanitary facilities for accommodation and office containers, toilet facilities for concerts, fairs and construction sites, and washrooms and changing facilities for campsites and sports events.

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Reefer container & Cold Store Cells

The name says it all – from transport to storage. Our fresh-storage boxes ensure an optimal logistics chain for your temperature-sensitive goods.

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