System container

One team: You have the machine or technical system; we have the space for it! Just plug it in and you are all set. Our system containers come prepared down to the last detail for the inclusion of a wide variety of machinery and equipment, ranging from water treatment to fire-fighting. No matter what our clients need to accommodate, it can be precisely integrated in our mobile room systems – tailor-made and easy to install.

Technical container for laying plastic pipelines

Connected solution: his container system accommodates equipment for laying plastic pipes for sewer rehabilitation. The system consists of two mobile 20' High-Cube double-door containers that can be joined together and are able to be deployed at any location in the world.

For this purpose, the containers were equipped with various doors, thermal insulation, a partition wall with an integrated pipe lead-through and a variety of foundations to accommodate the technical components of the system. The containers have unrestricted CSC approval. Handling and transport of the system are greatly simplified by using two containers, which provide a 40' equivalent when joined together.

40' System container for biogas plant

Energy in a box: We designed these containers to enable customers to install pump systems. As part of a complex biogas plant, the transport of substrates within the system is controlled by a central pump.

Using the suction and pressure beam of the pumping station, it is possible to fill and empty all of the tanks in the system with a single pump. Using the C-rails in recesses in the floor and the floor openings, customers can quickly install pre-assembled systems and test their functionality. This significantly reduces on-site installation and commissioning times.

20' Container for compressed air system

Plug-and-Play: Our engineers modified a 20' side-door container to accommodate a compressed air system. Integrated sound insulation significantly reduces noise levels inside and outside of the container.

Installed automatic ventilation systems allow 15,000 cubic meters of air per hour to pass through the container for cooling. In order for operating personnel to be able to perform the necessary checks on the system multiple times a day, they must be able to access it easily. The side-door container that we selected offers the right solution for this requirement. In addition, extensive environmental regulations had to be complied with. This meant, for example, that the three air compressors needed to be fitted with oil collecting pans.

Firefighting system

Special design for emergencies: Containers for fire extinguishing systems are integrated as an important component in large fire protection systems in industrial plants. The containers hold all of the extinguishing agents, the highly sensitive fire-fighting equipment as well as an extensive piping system.

The biggest challenges with these special designs are the individual brackets and mounting points for fire extinguishing agents and equipment, creating the necessary openings in the walls for the pipes and ensuring the required corrosion protection category. We paint the containers to fulfil the requirements of category C5-M according to DIN EN ISO 12944-2. This protection level is used for applications in heavy industry and in the offshore sector.

Breathing air for diving

We make it possible: Breathing air and mixed gas for diving from a container. To reduce the risk of decompression sickness and increase working efficiency, professional divers in particular use a breathing gas mixture of nitrogen and oxygen (nitrox).

The proportion of oxygen in the mixture is above atmospheric partial pressure. Using nitrox as a breathing gas mixture reduces the nitrogen intake of divers, so that bottom time can be increased and decompression time reduced. Depending on the requirements, the amount of oxygen in the gas mixture can be enriched to as much as 40 per cent.

By comparison, normal air has an oxygen content of approximately 21 per cent. The breathing air produced in our container fulfils European Standard EN12021 (compressed air for breathing equipment). Air or nitrox in different pressure ranges and produced in several ways can now be obtained directly at the gas outlet of the container. The gas production container has full CSC certification and can easily be transported by lorry, ship or rail.