Refrigeration and deep-freeze rooms that conform to HACCP

The standard dimensions of a refrigeration or deep-freeze room are 2,400 x 2,400 x 2,110 mm (WxLxH). The length can be increased in incremental steps of 1,200 mm!

Measurements in mm Exterior Interior
Length 2,400 2,240
  3,600 3,440
  4,800 4,640
  6,000 5,840
  7,200 7,040
Width 2,400 2,240
Height 2,110 1,950
Doorway Width 800 or 900 
  Height 1,800


The door can be installed on either the short or the long side. If needed, two (or more) doors can also be installed.

Application areas:

  •  Sports events
  •  Fairs and exhibitions
  •  Concerts and major events
  •  Large-scale catering, church days
  •  Folk festivals, city festivals, Oktoberfest
  •  Corporate events
  •  Pharma storage + logistics
  •  Interim solution for renovation
  •  Construction, bridging time gaps
  •  Long term rentals / seasonal rentals
  •  Clinics / sanatoriums
  •  Mobile dispensaries

Your benefits:

  •  Completely hygienic design
  •  Flexible sizes, set-up on site
  •  Exact space requirements
  •  Can be set up indoors + outdoors;
     can be docked to the kitchen tent or other required location
  •  Easy replacement of spare parts
  •  Latest technology from the market leader
  •  Wide range of accessories
  •  Exact cost control
  •  No contingency costs, rental only when needed

General description

The refrigeration rooms fulfil the requirements of HACCP. The surfaces are coated with SilverProtec®. SilverProtec® provides dynamic and sustained protection against micro-organisms and prevents the spread of dangerous bacteria.
The refrigeration rooms can be used both indoors and outdoors.


The refrigeration room is packed and delivered on a pallet. A container-sized cold store fits on a pallet 1200 x 2400 x 1800 mm (WxLxH). This means that an articulated lorry can carry 11 cold stores with container dimensions of 2,400 x 6,000 mm. A single cold store can even be transported using a Sprinter vehicle. Our vehicle is equipped with a transportable forklift, so we do not require any further equipment on-site.


Neither a crane nor other equipment is needed. The cold store can easily be transported to the installation site and assembled there. If necessary, the components can also be transported by hand, provided no component is heavier than 60 kg and fits through any house door.