20' Accommodation units – the classics

Flexible and quick to deploy. Example applications include construction site accommodations, recreation rooms and complexes consisting of multiple containers. They are easy to transport and set up and can be installed almost anywhere.

The highlight of our 20' standard room element is its excellent thermal insulation. The interior walls optionally consist of sandwich elements or melamine-coated chipboard. The electrical installation is carried out in accordance with VDE guidelines.


General construction specification for standard room modules

(An individual specification is created for custom designs.)


Standard dimensions and weights

Container type   Interior mm Exterior mm
10' Length 2,825 2,995
  Width 2,268 2,435
  Height 2,500 2,795
  Weight   1,125 kg
16' Length 4,720 4,880
  Width 2,268 2,435
  Height 2,500 2,795
  Weight   1,575 kg
20' Length 5,885 6,055
  Width 2,268 2,435
  Height 2,500 2,795
  Weight   1,810 kg

Fire protection requirements:

Fire protection is not taken into account in the container design.

Additional requirements of the building authorities are not included in the standard version and are offered as an additional service after they become known.


Proof of fulfilment of thermal requirements in accordance with EnEV 2014 is not possible with the electric heater and standard insulation.


The following description refers to the design and equipment of the respective standard types. Specific designs are to be agreed upon during the course of order processing.

CHS room modules are based on the ISO standard and therefore offer many of the advantages of that system. They consist of a solid frame structure and have removable or fixed wall elements.

Individual modules can optionally be assembled side by side, one behind the other or one above the other up to 3 floors high.

By removing outer wall panels or wall elements, or by installing internal partitions, rooms of any size can be formed.