Heavy Load Made Easy! Containers with Extendable Slides.

Move tons of cargo, one-handed! Sounds like a utopia but this isn’t any problem with our ball bearing mounted Extendable Slides. The whole load can be moved in and out of the container with the aid of a crank handle. This makes it possible to reach any item stored inside the container within just a few minutes. Our Extendable Slides keep your cargo handy. Having all things accessible from several sides reduces the time needed for loading and unloading significantly. Up to 3,500 kg can be stowed and transported in a 20’ ISO container with this system.

Any container can be fitted with an Extendable Slide. Special sizes aren’t of any problem as usual. If needed, we will install customized fastening points for fixing several items onto the Extenda­ble Slide. Additionally a gantry crane can be integrated if you request one.

Feel free to ask for further information about our Extendable Slides.