Two containers, one workshop.

A special container is known to be easy to transport and quick to put into operation. However, the available space in the interior is limited in terms of space and may not be sufficient in some cases. This is where our double units come into play. True to the motto "Make two into one", we create more space for your projects, without restrictions! Because you do not have to do without the high mobility and the quick readiness for use here! You can quickly disassemble our double units and then transport the individual containers to new locations and reassemble them as a double unit.

With approximately 24 m² of interior floor space, for example, a workshop double unit offers twice as much space as a single 20-foot workshop container. Of course, we adapt this additional free space according to individual requirements. Here, for example, additional workstations, large equipment, holders or even shelving systems can be set up.

Not enough space? We will find a solution!